Friday, January 2, 2009

snowkit76 's com (WIP)

here is my wip for snowkit76's commission
posting here and waiting for green light before i can keep working on it
first time i try to draw a snow leopard / wolf / bear
so i hope its coming out good enough to make him happy )
we ll see hehe

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hittori Djanai !!!

its not an easy time of the year to be alone for. its actually one of those times when its "heavyer" to be away from all the people u care about. but then i realise that the people i love are inside my heart and that my heart is with they can be an ocean away or in different country their love is allways with me. and it warm me up and makes me smile.
im never really alone after all :)
karmakat and art belongs to Karmakat

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Risky Business Fredrik (colored)

well woot done with the drawing for fredrik loool )
fredrik is a successfull dj and a very nice guy to talk with. and well i wanted to give him a kind of late xmas gift
and i thought the risky business theme was fitting so much for it hehehe.
u can go hear his mixes on
i sincerely hope he gonna like it because for someone not used to draw dragons at all im pretty proud on how it came out hehehe
fredrik belongs to fredrik (cool dragon dj)
art done and belongs to karmakat (huge fan loool)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Risky business fredrik WIP

i dont know what it is but it seems "risky business" dance scene with tom cruise is still pretty popular for the joke, dance , scene, dress up...
i see it very often on tv shows lol
and well i wanted to do a kind of gift for fredrik . late xmas gift perhaps loool
and that idea about risky business came back to me "hitting me on the head" loool
so well here is the wip for him. i just hope he gonna like it ) heheh
fredrik belongs to fredrik (an awesome dj at )
art done by karmakat