Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hittori Djanai !!!

its not an easy time of the year to be alone for. its actually one of those times when its "heavyer" to be away from all the people u care about. but then i realise that the people i love are inside my heart and that my heart is with they can be an ocean away or in different country their love is allways with me. and it warm me up and makes me smile.
im never really alone after all :)
karmakat and art belongs to Karmakat

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Risky Business Fredrik (colored)

well woot done with the drawing for fredrik loool )
fredrik is a successfull dj and a very nice guy to talk with. and well i wanted to give him a kind of late xmas gift
and i thought the risky business theme was fitting so much for it hehehe.
u can go hear his mixes on
i sincerely hope he gonna like it because for someone not used to draw dragons at all im pretty proud on how it came out hehehe
fredrik belongs to fredrik (cool dragon dj)
art done and belongs to karmakat (huge fan loool)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Risky business fredrik WIP

i dont know what it is but it seems "risky business" dance scene with tom cruise is still pretty popular for the joke, dance , scene, dress up...
i see it very often on tv shows lol
and well i wanted to do a kind of gift for fredrik . late xmas gift perhaps loool
and that idea about risky business came back to me "hitting me on the head" loool
so well here is the wip for him. i just hope he gonna like it ) heheh
fredrik belongs to fredrik (an awesome dj at )
art done by karmakat

Saturday, December 27, 2008

"what u looking at" leomon's contest (colored)

finally been able to finish that contest entry AND my net was working so decided to post it right away.

and here is what happens when i "brush up" my Masanori Morita's style looool

am pretty happy about how it came out for a first time of doing this style with photoshop.
follow this link to know more about the contest

let me know what u think of it and stay tuned to know the results looool

art by karmakat

What u looking at ? (wip)

oh damn finally lol
yeah lately i got tons of problem with my phone provider which means no net.
and since its hollyday time its even longer to get it repaired
gotta love france
well anyway here is my entry to leomon32 contest on deviant art.
here is all the informations if u want about it
basically its about a high school bully loool
and its been a long time i didnt brush up this drawing style for me but i thought it was adapted to give the right faces lol
well anyway now i got only 5 days left to color it loooool
hope i ll have time and get my internet back soon
see yall asap )

Friday, December 26, 2008

On the SPOT...

and am finally done with the drawing about madagascar hehehe
i named it "on the spot" after the name of the song of alex inside madagascar (on the spot is his themed song)
the part where he dances impressed me so much i had to do something on it lol
plus well yeah i like to draw dancing lol even if its not easy hehehe.
i had lots of fun doing it )
even had fun with the background for once lol.
alex really is a great character to draw and so fun in the cartoon ).
alex from the movie madagascar belongs to Dreamworks
karmakat and the art belongs to me

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

secret santa : muffin queen

and since i had the green light for it here is my part for miss Rizzi Rau heheheh
hope she likes it )
the secret santa was hosted by arctic sekai if u wanna learn more about it
merry xmas to yall once again )

Merry Xmas and "on the spot" wip

first of all
i hope everyone gets , or had, a great time and that everyone enjoys it )
now with the rest
i saw madagascar 2 the other day and i just had to draw alex , i love that character hehe. so here is what is starting to come out with.
yeah i need to work the proportions on it but it ll come dont worry )
if u didnt saw the movie u should think about it. i enjoyed it more than the first lol.
and for info i should be very soon , when allowed , posting the drawing of the secret santa of artic sekai
so stay tuned )

Friday, December 19, 2008

Xmas KAT (colored)

here is the merry xmas from the crazy kat that i am and that is completely GAGA for xmas hehehe

i really wanted to do something to wish everyone i love , and even everyone i dont know lol , a merry xmas and happy new year

its not to much but am proud of my first "event drawing" lol

its pretty different than usual work for me lol
so well i hope everyone ll have a great time and will come back even happyer than before )
(and thanks to santa claus for letting me use part of his costume hehehe)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

X-mas kat (wip)

don't expect me to sing something like "jingle bells" or any x-mas classic i got a very poor voice on songs lol
or maybe am to shy who knows heheh
but well i admit i go GAGA each year for x-mas lol.
its a time of the year i still love and i stick to it lol.
so here is the work am working on for it .
i thought the angle would make it more fun
lets say its icy on the roof and a bit slipery with the snow loool .
gotta admit karmakat is not a common santa lol
i hope yall still gonna appreciate it )
let me know )

Saturday, December 13, 2008

can't be defeated colored

lately i been going through a lot.
mentally , physically . cant say a lot of good things happened besides my friends and those i love.
it been discovered lately that a piece of the prothesis in my knee has to be changed so i could hope to straighten my leg again one day.
and at the same time it seems that the anckle is in need of a prothesis too very soon .
if it dont work out i might end up as bionic leg kat much sooner than i ever expected.
pretty hard when i think i just got 29 years old a few months ago lol.
my friends been near me and helping me a lot for sure
but then i heard that song from anastacia "defeated" and listening to the lyrics i understood
i remenbered how i made it so far. as long as i dont give up the fight and keep at it i ll be able to make it .
so yeah am stuborn loool
Anastacia "defeated"
"Selling stories that were overrated in this world so complicated Felt so right, you tried to make it wrong Why can't we all just get along From the start something wasn't right I used to cry myself to sleep at night Told myself stand up be strong This kind of phase doesn't last for long Every time you try to knock me down, gonna pick my back up off the ground The battle never ends
You can tear me apart You can rip me to pieces Try breaking me down But I'll never be beated You can say that you won but I'll never believe it Cos I can't be defeated Made a mistake swore Ill never repeat it Lost my heart for a second but it never stopped beating I smile through the tears so the way that I see it I can't be defeated
There are times that I couldn't take it Never felt so violated At the risk of sounding so cliché I just gotta call a spade a spade Hurts me right to the core I can't take this anymore Getting tired of the same old song Final chorus, now I'm moving on Things aint fair in love in war Never been the kind to be ignored Tried to push me to the edge
You can tear me apart You can rip me to pieces Try breaking me down But I'll never be beated You can say that you won but I'll never believe it Cos I can't be defeated Made a mistake swore Ill never repeat it Lost my heart for a second but it never stopped beating I smile through the tears so the way that I see it I can't be defeated
Yeah Nothing is impossible Nothing is unreachable If you only believe then you get what you need So keep on holdin on You can tear me apart You can rip me to pieces Try breaking me down But I'll never be beated You can say that you won but I'll never believe it Cos I can't be defeated Made a mistake swore Ill never repeat it Lost my heart for a second but it never stopped beating I smile through the tears so the way that I see it I can't be defeated "
lyrics are property of Anastacia
art and karmakat is my property
let me know what yall think )

"cant be defeated" wip

here is a little "peek" on my last work in progress
since i cant show the one for the secret santa yet i show another one that i can actually lol
title is based on a song of anastacia that i really love and that is actually even my phone ring looool
i really liked the song and as often when i do i draw something related loool
let me know what you think of it.
i ll post the colored one soon )
tc yall

Thursday, December 11, 2008

little update

hey everyone well just wanted yall to know that im not just doing anything lately lol
im working on the secret santa from artic sekai on fa but sorry i cant post it until the 25 of december as fro the rules so he or she dont see im the one drawing and what lol.
btw gratz for her idea since we are 84 participating on that lol
and while we on the news hehehe i wanted to thank all of you that voted for me on kerainen's contest =)
i arrived second to it and its allready very good so thanks to everyone and gratz to the first one
so its all for now , and see yall soon enough with more updates

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Relax (colored)

here it is for those that wanted to see the finish result )

im very happy on how it came out
even if the wolf got a kind of evilish grin i think its cute.
slowly i guess am getting the hang of shadows and light heheh

this is for you zan
i hope u like it and that u enjoy it
thanks for helping me lately and for the drawing tips )

and well see yall soon for the next update )

Saturday, December 6, 2008


so here is what am working on lately
am doing this for my friend Zanvarin =)

his "speedo wolf" as i call it (im not even sure he got a name lol) with my character
dont u think he got a crazzzzzzy kind of smile going on ? loool

i think its coming quite along so far lol
coloring coming soon )

wolf is property of zanvarin
karmakat and art are property of karmakat

Friday, December 5, 2008

kerainen's contest

well this is my entry to kerainen contest
i finished it a while ago but didnt post it because it was supposed to stay that way until the 9 of december loool but well seems it changed so here it is lol
u can see about the contest on [link]so well here is my idea loool

hope u guys like it )VOTE FOR ME ROFL (now i sound like on a presidential am crazy ROFL)

charly and sancho are property of ~KaijuKaiser
art done by karmakat

karmakat character sheet

so as my very first entry for my blog i thought it was logic to post my character sheet. page 1: on this one u can see a front view of karmakat and a description of his tatoo on his arm and legs (for the one on his chest check page 2 due to page room lol)
page 2: this is simply a back view of karmakat body to show the positioning of the tatoos he got on him since lots of people asked me lol u can see the design on the side and the only tatoo that is actually front and not back is the dual blade crossed that normally goes on his heart but i didnt had the room on page one to see it lol
page 3: this page got a close up on his face and the items karmakat carry with him most frequentlythe reinforced gloves are made in a very hard material nearly cristal clear that he can use for his close combat stylethe earring and the tail wrist being the only regular jewelry he cares about even if the tail wrist can be a kind of "armor" for his tail at times.the necklace was given to him by his master as a proof of his training that he followed and to help keep his beat within him.and the cuffs are just a usefull items for parry and that goes well with his likings heheh the belt sign is to show his grade in his learnings and to what point he took his training
page 4: u got the eyes style in this one (regular and beast mode wich is angry mode)and u got the first drawing of seiichiru Seiichiru is karmakat's dragon "pet"u cant really say its a pet because he is a bit different . when he sleep he is a bracer around karmakat's arm and when he wakes up he flys around in dragon form but above all seiichiru is what u can call a "smart weapon" because on karmakat request he can become his weapons. he is known as the "dragon fists" (more to come soon about it) .

i ll most probably post more of my old work soon but not all of them just my favorites lol
if u want to see them all remenber am on and on
so don't hesitate to comment , contact me or just check up often )