Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rabbit Diving

and four months later its the first time i drew my rabbit character : kristopher
some of u might now kristopher is the kind of guy that loves lots of sports . especially water related ones. so this time he is about to go diving hehe.
but what surprised me the most is how much he "grew up" under my pencil in just 4 months.
its like he actually getting older as i get better in drawings lol
am so happy and proud hehe
means im gonna have to try to do my other old characters sooner or later hehehe
hope everyone will like him hehehe

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rabbit diving (wip)

long time i havent drew Kristopher my crazy sporty rabbit .
and tonight (because its really cold here) i decided to draw him ready to go some diving
so u can imagine that the background ll be a sea again looool.
am gonna have to work a bit on some details that i think are not on proportions (again lol) but i really like the idea
i think he went through some changes since last time i drew him and well im happy about that too because it shows progress lol
colors coming soon hehe

Monday, January 5, 2009

snowkit76's com

here is the finished commish for snowkit76
i hope he gonna like it.
i did the few changes he request on his snow leopard / wolf / bear fursona
and im personally pretty proud of it. i think he turned out very sexy and a bit of a tease lol