Friday, May 8, 2009


this is lukwos amaterasu my new character. he is based on the fursuit i hope to receive one day (its stuck in custom since 5 weeks now) he gonna be like my second self in a way lollukwos is from a celtic mom and a japanese dad . ence his name. dont be fooled by his collar. he wears it just because he loves to go around with his cross but he got nothing of a sub. but lukwos is a real goof and loves to laugh with his friends and make them laugh the best he can. he isnt body shy and i think for his background that he gonna be a model too (for fun loool) but for now he tryes to study to be a social helper .and watch out because he is VERY protective of the ones he loves hehehe.
art and lukwos belongs to karmakat silverwind