Friday, January 23, 2009

Jaxa's kiriban (WIP)

here is the first kiriban i finally got around to work on.

yes yes i know it took me quite some times with all that happenes but nope i didnt forgot lol.

so for this one i decided to start trying out my new "method" to do bodys and i gotta say i think it turned out pretty interesting and that im gonna keep trying to work that way lol

i hope Jaxa (the owner of this fursona) ll like it too hehe

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Redhrut and Kat

here is the final version of my birthday gift for Wolfmaster

i really hope he gonna like it )

i know i havent been able to draw much lately but i had lots of migraines going on due to stress. i seem to feel better now so im back to work hehehe. and for information i havent forgot all trades and commissions hehe.

i been asked how come i draw so much beach scenes and well its because i find it the best way to train on bodys so far. and i think i might have come to an idea to make them look better on my next one ) . yall gonna have to let me know what u think about it ) heheh

redhrut is property of Wolfmaster

karmakat and art are property of Karmakat

Monday, January 19, 2009

redhrut and kat (wip)

ok i know there been a while since i posted some stuff

but well most of the stuff i worked on lately are secrets until its time to post them loool

and well on this one i admit am late lol. its a gift for wolfmaster birthday and am allready late for it so am posting the raw for now to show him i didnt forget lol

i wanted to thank him as well for his cool drawings he made of karmakat hehehe

he is a great guy , so dont hesitate to look at his work too

so here goes redhrut and kat at the beach enjoying the day hehe.