Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Toni serinn (wip)

here is the lineart for my half of the trade with my sis tonisia )

i think it didnt came out to badly hehehe
i hope she ll like it

colors soon hehe


Monday, December 21, 2009

So ?? (wip)

so yep
inspiration when u hold onto us lol
i wanted  draw Aaron the Ram since quite a few now
with his naughty look being half tentation half dare lol
so well there it is lol
i hope he ll like it
soon to color

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Talbain Towel 2 (wip)

so yeah third of today
guess am in that mood lol

still john talbain relaxing , kind of follow up hehe
colors soon once again lol

Talbain Towel (wip)

so yeah am in a drawing mood today
never drew a john talbain before and he is my favorite character ever when i was a kid on the darkstalkers game
he was so cooooooooooooool hehehe
so here is my first try at him )
dont think he came out to badly so far
colors soon too

Out the window (wip)

well yeah
quite different that what i draw usually.
but , as silly as it gonna sound, i realised i had lots of troubles to draw back views of a character.
so here is
lukwos posing at the window, looking at the view while he modeling for me
was funny to do i admit but damn not easy
colors soon )

Saturday, December 19, 2009

El Rocky

finally done my half of the trade withthe electric kitty hehe
i really love how it came out
think that character she asked me looks awesome
she really had a cool idea with it )

"Tell your friends not to think aloud
Until they swallow
Whisper things into my brain
Your voice sounds so hollow

I am not a leader of men
Since I prefer to follow
Do you think I could have a drink
Since it's so hard to swallow
So hard to swallow

So turn the television off
and I will sing a song
And if you suddenly have the urge
You can sing along

I touch your hand, I touch your face
I think the fruit is rotten
Give me lessons on how to breath
Cause I think I've forgotten
I think I've forgotten

One day, up to a cliff
That overlooked the water
I jumped in to save a girl
It was somebody's daughter
And now the ring is on my hand

It was given to me by her
To this day we all sit around
And dream of ways to get higher
To get much higher "
song "leader of men" belongs to Nickelback
Rocky belongs to Electrocat
art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

El Rocky (wip)

here is my half of the trade with Electrocat hehe
she asked me to do her sexy lion Rocky in my own style
and i gotta admit i really fell for that amazing character

its a really cool style i think )
i hope she ll like it
personally i think it gonna turn out great lol

soon to colors hehe

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kamaitaichi (wip)

my half of the trade in wip with inmomakuro hehe
i hope he ll like the start )


yep there it is )
my third fan art of I.S.O.
i really must sound like a fanboy loooool

this time its Zach and Jake hanging  out hehe )
"oy ,,,dude,,,,oy,,,dude...."
maybe this time its Zach showing the famouse formula of book 2 loooooool (wink wink) hehe

anyway im happy on how they all 3 turned out i hope he ll too if he ever sees them hehe
Zach, Jake, I.S.O. belongs to Vince Suzukawa
art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cody Frost

second of my three fan art about I.S.O.
i feel like such a fanboy lol

but i think it turned out pretty good. even if my comp made a bug on me at a moment and i was scared to loose it all the work of today

well anyway i just hope he ll like it and yall too hehe

I.S.O. and cody frost belongs to Vince suzukawa
art done and belongs to karmakat

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Too hot for ure camera

imagine that
u go to take a pictue of a model then suddenly the lense breaks as he pauses.
wth happened ? model to hot for the camera or model too hot for u and u tensed on the lense ?
who knows lol

this is Jeff from I.S.O. book from Vince Suzukawa
one of my favorite charactes from it )
i think it came out not bad at all lol
others colored soon

Jeff and I.S.O. belongs to Vince Suzukawa
art done and belongs to Karmakat silverwind

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I.S.O. fan arts (wip)

so yep
a fan art for one of my most favorite comic book ever I.S.O. hehe . all charactes belong to Vince suzukawa
i ll post colors asap )
art done by me

Monday, December 7, 2009


and yeah there it is
i finally finished that drawing and damn hell am very proud of it lol
colors took me a lot of time to do with shadows and effects
but damn am happy with it heheh

so this is a new character doing some slide in battle and getting his next attack ready hehehe.
there is a tiny detail hiding somewhere ,  i wonder who ll find it hehehehe
character and art belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sliding (wip)

yeah an idea i had yesterday that i did today
nope thats not karmakat lol .
but the sliding effect was fun to do )

i ll color it soon )

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lyov relaxing

so yep
bit bored today and here is my second drawing done for today lol

finally colored lyov
did a fewchanges on him , on his colors , hairs, size and such hehe.

i think it came out pretty good personally for someone that dont draw humans often loool
i hope everyone ll enjoy his "come back" lol

lyov and art belongs and are property of Karmakat Silverwind

Lukwos Character sheet

yep there it is
after a year of using this character as my second favorite and one of my fursuit
i finally did a character sheet for him )
hereby i present to you the new updated version for 2010 of Lukwos Amaterasu hehe

im pretty happy of his look
and i bet i ll be accused of teasing again but oh well
thats me loool
i really like this character personally ) him and his personality hehe

well there he is now
lukwos and art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

lyov relaxing (wip)

had a few requests recently to redo my human character lyov with my new recent style and because it was a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time i didnt drew him

so yeah there he is lol
took me 2 hours just to do body hairs one by one lol
when i do those i kow why i dont draw humans especially guys so often lol

soon to be colored hehe

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Xmas 09

oh my

this took me the whole day to color and work on. i been on it since this morning....

but well i like the result

am sorry i couldnt take the time to draw eveyone and thanks everyone for their "participation" on this xmas card lol

just a little way to wish all my friends and everyone a merry xmas and happy new year

first time i draw karmakat like that too , i like a lot how it turned out lol

so who do we have on it

from top left to right: raghan , duo, mydnyte , galen, wolfmaster, leomon, fwuffer, zura, iowa , dohrac, oros, aestir, toni sernin, alphachimaera , beau gillian, bluewolfr , zanvarin,lexafar, saturnawolf, fastspeedy, timduru , CJ , redallover, redwolffr, enath, yuri futaba , jake

pfiouuuuf damn list lol not easy to make them all fit )


all character to their owners

karmakat and art belongs to Karmakat Silverind

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bathrobe by Sunset

its sunset and Karmakat just got out of the bathroom. he seats and relax on his couch with his pet Seichiruu .
but watch out you watching this drawing yep you.
Seichirru allready heard u coming and he is ready to protect his master hehehehe
i like the result i hadon this one
even if it took lots of time to do hehe
karmakat , seichiruu and art belongs to karmakat silverwind

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bathrobe (wip)

yeah i wanted to draw the new karmakat lol
i felt like drawing him relaxingwith a nap on the couch after a shower.
but watch out if u come to close seichiruu his dragon pet and friend is keeping an eye out and allready felt u coming
soon to colors )
karmakat , seichiruu and art belongs to karmakat silverwind

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cowboy and Beer

here is a drawing i did the lines while i was in the clinic
i wanted to color it too because i liked it even if the lines are not as good when on my laptop
but well i think it turned out good.
if someone wonder why i draw so much lately its because its either draw either go nuts with all i got on my plate lately
art and character belongs to karmakat silverwind

Baseball Kai (commission)

here is thecommission for ZephyrHero
his lion Kai playing baseball hehehe
i really hope he is gonna like it )
Kai belongs to ZephyrHero
art done and belongs to karmakat

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Baseball commisson (Wip)

here is the lineart of the commission for Zephirhero of his lion Kai playing baseball.
i hope he ll like it ,
waiting approval before coloring
and btw happy thanksgiving to everyone

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dakkota Wolf

oh god finally
been on that coloring since 8 pm to 2 30 am
am exhausted
native american design is really not easy to do but damn am so happy with this one )
i just hope he ll like it too hehe
dakkota wolf belongs to FirestormSix
art done by Karmakat Silverwind

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dakkota wolf (wip)

a little gift for firestorm six
i really like his work and i wanted to do alittle thing for him because i think his fursuits and character are really cool .
i just hope he likes his dakkota wolf done by my pen lol
soon to be colored )

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Karmakat character sheet 2010

so yep
it was time karmakat grew up a bit
here is the changes on my main characters
some new tatoos , new body type , some colors changes , and a new "haircut" lol
took me quite some time to do all that lol
2010 HERE I COME lol
and btw new signature too from now on lol
art and character belongs to karmakat silverwind

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Myd and Fwuff gift

yep yep finally finished the drawing for mydnyte and fwuffers my two friends )
see above to learn more lol.
i think it came out very well
like posing for a photoshoot hehehe
and it wasnt that easy lol
anyway i bet they ll see it as soon as they log out from l4d2 loool
Fwuffers the bunny and Mydnyte the tigon belongs to themself
art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Monday, November 16, 2009

Myd and Fwuff (wip)

took me 5 freaking hours to do that lineart with all the details they have on them lol
im very happy on the result and cant wait to color it but next timesomeone complain on my tatoo i dare him to complain again after drawing the bunny especially lol
and i hope i didnt forget anything lol
this is the start of a gift for Mydnyte and Fwuffers to thank them for their support through surgery and because while i was in the clinic they mailed me a very cute and big lion plushy to keep me compagny hehehe
wich i named Aaron btw lol
i hope they ll like it and to finish it soon )

Sunday, November 15, 2009

fox hybrid (commission)

first commission for "theWolfguy" of his fox hybrid german sheperd character
i hope he likes it )
character belongs to him
drawing done by Karmakat silverwind

Saturday, November 7, 2009

foxhybrid commission (wip)

here is the first commission lineart for the wolfguy of his hybrid fox )
personally i like how it came out with the sly smile he asked
lets hope he ll agree )

Monday, November 2, 2009

Roller Gate

here is my very first drawing of lukwos and karmakat together
it was very fun as a roller fan even if i cant do some anymore
anyway this was very cool to work on )
magic and roller combinated lol
lukwos , karmakat and art belongs to karmakat silverwind

Saturday, October 31, 2009


well yeah
just got back from the clinic and i felt like coloring one of the drawings i did there
most probably ll do the others soon hehe
duo belongs to duo the skunk
art done and belongs to karmakat silverwind

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


yep i never drew a german shepherd yet.
the fur was not easy to do but i think its not to shabby
worst to me was managing the angle to draw , get the light to work on all that and b able to make it... hmm... "true"
i mean it wasnt easy t make it all work together
i wanted to draw one of my usual tease before being stuck...i think it came out pretty great hehehe
so yep . now i just hope everyone ll like it hehehe

art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Monday, September 7, 2009

Asleep (wip)

well at least he does what i dont manage to do lately with stress
the angle was hell to do and took me several hours to achieve
but i think it came out cool enough
colors coming soon

Sunday, September 6, 2009


its my 200 submission on fur affinity and i wanted to do something special and different for it
took me 3 days to work on those tango kittys lol
i think it came out pretty magical and fairy looking lol
i hope it looks close enough for tango lol
thanks for all the support and i ll allways try to do better and better
art done and belongs to karmakat silverwind

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tango (wip)

just a small idea i had
wanted to draw tango , i think its a very sensual dance . i just hope i managed to get it work on this drawing with those two kittys.
colors coming soon

Thursday, August 20, 2009


"one showing
one kept inside
a part to defend
a part to kill
one side ready to protect and help
the other side with an unbearable thirst
i allways knew this was inside of me,... he was ...within me....
but i never felt him so present and close than lately.
crawling out, trying to make his way,wanting to ....takeover....
two faces of a same medal....yet so different....

goddess please....bless the unworthy,,,,"
dialog , art and karmakat belongs to Karmakat

Monday, August 17, 2009

Angel flight

here is a drawing for my friend about his caracter Aestir Forlorn the Arcanewolf.

been a few days i wanted to draw somewings. and i thought it was fitting him .
plus well he been very helpfull and supportive lately that i really wanted to do a drawing for him. all i can say is that i hope he ll like it
aestir belongs to Mantitaur
art and drawing belongs to Karmakat
thanks for everything kit

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Angel flight (wip)

now that the one i got at work right now
i think its coming out pretty well so far
i just hope he ll like it too )
yall should see it soon ) hehe

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


ever wanted to let go everything ?
just grab ure car , money and whatever and take the road.just get somewhere.anywhere and get away from everything at least for a few ?
kindda what am going trough lately...
karmakat and art belongs to karmakat silverwind

Monday, August 10, 2009

Roadtrip (wip)

well its 4 am and i was being restless...
here is what came out ...
guess it wasnt that bad for a first try at a bike
ll probably color it tomorrow
i like it so far

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

EF 15 Badges

yep yep i know very long time i havent posted anything and am sorry
so here is something
i been pretty busy drawing pastels for the ef artshow (dont worry i ll post those too soon)but for now here are the badges i add and mostly wanted to do hehehe
aestir aka Mantitaur
saturnawolf aka
raghan aka Raghan
redwolf aka Redwol
fshiron aka Shiron (in black and white from his request)
and of course me lol
i just so cant wait to meet
them at EF 15 and go hang out with them hehehe
i just hope they ll love them )
all characters to their owners listed above
art done by KARMAKAT

Monday, July 6, 2009

illusion dance

and again another one for the conbook of the eurofurence 15
this one supposed to be for the cover with, of course, still the same theme "1001 nights"

took me quite some work to do this one and make if fit for a cover idea im pretty on how it turned out especially the two characters in front loool
i created those characters specially for the contest so lets hope they get work done loool

characters and art belongs to Karmakat

Whirlwind dance

well yeah this one and the next are not exactly my classic drawings .
this is for the eurofurence conbook contest
i participated with this one hoping to have a chance to see it published inside

no idea yet if it is or not lol
this year is about "1001 Nights" so here is what i came out with
this one supposed to be for inside the pages

ill be at the EF 15 with a table and an artshow pannel this year
so dont hesitate to come see me . i ll be happy to meet friends if ure around )
otherwise well tell me allready what u think of my drawing loool

art done and belongs to karmakat karmakat

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fan Dance

yesterday Zura Rozier told me she finally got done creating her own fursona the way she liked it
and when i saw it this image poped in my head. it just was there and it was so much fitting for her character i think.
plus ,well zura is one of the most important people in my life,i just had to take the occasion and give to her , her first gift art with her fursonna.
i think it turned out pretty cool and even great loool
i just hope she ll love it too
Zura belongs to Zura Rozier
art belongs to karmakat

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fan dance (wip)

yep yep its her hehehe
Zura finally finished on her fursona
and when i saw the final idea she had about the clothes and all the rest this image popped in my head worst than popcorn lol
i had to do it hehehehe
i really hope she ll like the final product because wow not sure i drew a girl that cool in a long time hehehe
colors coming soon

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scythe thunder rush

that idea came to me from playing star ocean 4 and well i really liked it i had to try to do it
i know for some its gonna be again "oh another one of his art with effects" and well i admit i cant draw stuff that everyone ll like .but i dont see why that means i have to stop being myself
i like this drawing i did and the idea i had for the effects on it .
and i think it came out pretty cool even if it took me the whole night to finish it lol
so here is my fox doing a thunder rush to attack his ennemies ... try to keep up with him )
thanks to Raghan for the help on the background speed lines
fighter fox and arts belongs to karmakat