Sunday, September 23, 2012

So yep after quite some work and explanations then working on details i been able to finally the very first character sheet of wuffy

he made a COMPLETE renewal of his character and i can already hear artist screaming in pain when they will have to draw him
but sincerely i DON'T CARE he is my lil bro and i am PROUD of him hehe

i sure had TONS OF FUN working on it with him and for him

and i am damn happy he likes it too hehe

Wuffy belongs ton thewolfguy
art done by Karmakat Silverwind

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Three brothers

"a day to relax...
a day to enjoy...
we spend our day together after finally being reunited again...
three friends, friendship to the point of family...
we consider ourselves brothers...
and value any moment we can spend together."

so FINALLY managed to finish this drawing.
had trouble to get my drive back with all the stuff that happened lately and i gotta say i am happy for the results i got on it.

thanks to Wuffy to give me the courage to draw again.

Wuffy belongs to Thewolfguy
Jake belongs to Jake lioner83
Karmakat and art done and belong to Karmakat Silverwind

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My two sides

"here we are...
side by side...
he is me...
and i am him...
we are two side of the same medal...
two side of the same person...
you can't go one without the other...
don't even try, it's not possible."

so yep here is a new piece of art i decided to do after seeing the idea in a manga i was reading. been damn long i didn't draw any humans to tell the truth but i think it came out great.
the feral lion i personally love it lol.
was funny to make a kind of self portrait of myself with all my earrings and other traits.
the haircut it's pretty much a work in progress, i do have the red streaks like Karmakat but well they are nearly as long as on the drawing. on the drawing it's more what i want to get length wise i would say. that might give a few shock to some people that didn't saw me since last Ef hehe.

anyway there it is
the two parts of my being in a way.

i think it turned out okay hehe

Karmakat and art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind


Monday, July 23, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red Lantern - Luther

yep i know i should be getting stuff ready for Ef but sincerely this was too good to pass

this is my submission for the contest of "Red Lantern fan art" that Rukis started for the first book that came out and the start of the second.

i don't know if i got a chance to get a good spot in result of this work but i gotta say i really bursted my brain on that one. i decided to go with something elaborate with three different visions of Luther
i like Amon too don't misunderstand me... but i do feel a lot closer to Luther in a way.

in any case at this point i just can pray and hope lol

Luther, Red Lantern belong both to Rukis, Alectorfencer and now Myenia

Art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

contest is here

Friday, June 29, 2012

Breeze in the sunshine

"She slowly walks outside...
playing tricks with her umbrella that she uses to protect her fair skin from the sun...
she walks through the place until she finds a place she can seat and relax...
letting the breeze refresh her and play with her fur...
she closes her eyes... and smiles... enjoying this relaxing summer day."

so here is a drawing for Zura i wanted to do this one as a thank you for her for suggesting this wonderful early birthday gift for me.
my tablet had some very big troubles, and she suggested getting me a replacement a few days before my birthday : "the tablet of my dreams" i would call it hehe

it takes some times getting used to it but i am damn enjoying it really.

thanks a lot sweety )

Zura belongs to Zura RozierArt done and belong to Karmakat Silverwind

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Showing off 3

so yep here goes
Lukwos decided to follow the movement and do a picture like Karmakat and Massak too.

but he decided to be more creative with it since he is always the typical show off

goes with his job i guess... hehe

i hope you guys will enjoy the effort

Lukwos and drawing belong and done by Karmakat Silverwind

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Showing off

well here is the answer from Massak for Karmakat, so he can keep in his wallet a sweet souvenir to keep in his wallet too.

he sure took the step, but damn can he look any cuter than that with his little blush?

i bet it's something that will make Karmakat really impressed, surprised and happy to see that hehe.

Massak belongs and done by Karmakat Silverwind

Friday, May 25, 2012

Showing off

Massak and Karmakat both being stuck in their jobs they generally can only spend some times during the days together, or on evenings.
so Karmakat decided to do a quick sexy picture for his mate Massak to keep him compagny during the day and keep it in his wallet.

the result is quite interesting if i may say so hehe.

depending on the appreciation people will show on this drawing Karmakat might try to talk Massak and Lukwos to do some themself too. hehe
who knows

depends on you guys

sincerely i needed something to relax me a bit while we wait for the departure date for Ac. like i said if you guys show me taht you like this one i will make some of Massak and Lukwos too and bring some prints to sell at Ac.

the ball is in your court hehe

Karmakat belongs and drawing done by Karmakat Silverwind

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012


i am pretty happy of the results on this one, plus i made a new signature to change a bit hehe.
been a while i was using the older signature lol

 so here is Karmakat enjoying a sunset and relaxing for a few.

been quite some work but i think i did not to bad on it hehe

Karmakat and drawing made and belong to :Karmakat Silverwind

relaxed (WIP)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet dreams

"after enjoying a good day together...
nothing better than a good night of sleep...
and what else could bring better dreams than the scent and warmth of someone you hold dear.
what else can be more relaxing that hearing the heartbeats and soft breathing of that same person..."

so in any case here is a new drawing of Massak and Karmakat.

no particular reason to it, just an idea that came to me and that i liked.
i personally enjoyed doing it.
and well i think the results are not bad at all

your turn to let me know what you think now hehe

Massak and Karmakat and drawing belong and done by Karmakat Silverwind

Monday, February 27, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dev from OOP

been a while i haven't done a fan art, this time i decided to make one of one of my favorite books. the series OUT OF POSTION (sequel ISOLATION PLAY and rest we are all waiting lol) from Kyel gold amazing books.

i decided to make Dev in a version like those calendars that the football players do each years when they "show off themselves" hehe

with SAVE THE DAY, this book series is one of my favorite ones ever. i love to reread them regularly sincerely.

i really enjoy Dev and Lee personally. both characters are very nice and they so endearing i can't help but imagine at times chat with them and well i really love how they manage to deal with their situation even between all the dramas and fights.
they really love each others, and you feel it through the book. to me that is worth a whole damn lot.

so anyway here he is.

Dev been first drawned by :Blotch and is a character of Kyell Gold
art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

jake badge

second badge for another of my lil bro's that i will see at Ac
hehe my sweet lil bro goofball artist
i can't wait to be able to squeeze at Ac too like you guys go no idea )

i just hope he will like it hehe

jake belongs to Jake lioner
art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Jake badge (wip)

Monday, February 20, 2012

wuffy badge

well this Ac will be the first time i am going to meet my lil bro wuffy
and it's going to be his first ac too

so i decided i wanted to draw a badge for him

he is a great writter so this idea seemed natural hehe

wuffy belongs to thewolfguy
art done and belongs to KarmakatSilverwind

Wuffy badge (wip)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ready for work

here is a drawing of Massak in his work outfit.
i always thought that a guy in suit can be very sexy (even if i hate to wear one since my school years lol)

there he is showing off his new complete to  Karmakat before getting ready to leave to work.
of course Kat couldn't resist taking a picture in souvenir

Massak and drawings belongs to :iconKarmakat:

ready for work (wip)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

take THAT!!!

i been through a lot of stress lately and sincerely a lot more the last few days so i needed something to bascically "evacuate" that feeling that wouldn't envolve getting in trouble lol.
a drawing seemed a pretty good idea to me and i am pretty happy of the result i gotta admit it.

here is Karmakat giving a piece of his mind to a random gree/brownish tiger that was being obnoxious with peoples on the street.
i got nothing against tigers i just think they make for interesting adversaries (most of the times lol)

seems the guy received a lesson on his empty head hehe.

i am happy with the position of this and the dynamic personally, and i think it came out pretty good in colors.

so here it is yeah.

drawing and Karmakat done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


as most people know i am really not good in group picture past two generally lol. pretty hard for me to manage to make one that comes out good lol.

but i am still happy with the results of this one. i wanted to use it also as a kind of comparaison between my thee chracters.
so as a result it's obvious kat is the tallest one lol, lukwos is the fluffyest granted too hehe. massak is kindda in between fluffy wise and pretty much same eight as lukwos. thought it would be interesting to put them right next to each others to compare hehe.

i think the result came out pretty good at the end personally even if it's not exactly with something happening hehe.

Lukwos, Massak and Karmakat belong and been drawn by Karmakat Silverwind

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012


this is a drawing for my lil bro :iconTheWolfguy:
he keeps writting stories with me in it and i thought it was about due time that i made something to thank him

he is a great writter i personally think and i enjoy his stories a lot
just don't be surprised on full moons hehehe

i just hope you like it lil bro

Wuffy belongs to TheWolfguy
art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bruce and Brent

okay those are two characters of mine that got a role in my story that i am writting. i needed something to relax today and i decided to give a face to those characters

Bruce, the otter, and Brent , the cougar, are basically brothers. they both aren't real brothers by blood but they both grew up in an orphanage and decided to stay together when they left. since for them, blood or not, they were real family.
Bruce is the owner of a leather shop, and that is how he met Karmakat. while Brent i still going through classes and helping at the shop when he can.

Bruce is the oldest of them both and, even if a lot smaller, he takes care of Brent the best he can.
he also gives often advices to Karmakat about the life in a big city when Lukwos is too busy.

as Brent explained to karmakat one day:
“Little…brother??? Am sorry but I fail the see the family traits between you both.” They both give me a chuckle at my statement. “Well most probably because we aren’t real brothers by ‘blood’. This is Brent. He is younger than me and well I been taking care of him since we were in foster’s homes together. We been going through quite a lot and we stayed together as brother since we are the only family we have.”

related by blood isn't always the most important after all no?

Bruce and Brent belong to Karmakat Silverwind