Tuesday, February 17, 2009

elemental blade (wip)

here is what i got out of my mind now
had a spell idea the other day looking at a cartoon and i had to draw an image related to that spell
didnt come out to badly but
OUCHIE wasnt easy at all to do it lol
color coming soon )

Gangsta 8

lately i got a very hard time to draw and get anything of "real" out of my head on paper.
took me a lot of time to manage to do this one.
its in honor of Num8
might not be the best of my drawings but i still think it came out not to badly yet.
the wolf is Misuri his fursuit , the cheetah is num8 his fursona.
might not be much but i wanted to do that for him
take it as a thanks you for the EF 14 num8. ure a great guy.
misuri and num8 belongs to num8
art belongs to karmakat
"to never forget..."