Friday, May 25, 2012

Showing off

Massak and Karmakat both being stuck in their jobs they generally can only spend some times during the days together, or on evenings.
so Karmakat decided to do a quick sexy picture for his mate Massak to keep him compagny during the day and keep it in his wallet.

the result is quite interesting if i may say so hehe.

depending on the appreciation people will show on this drawing Karmakat might try to talk Massak and Lukwos to do some themself too. hehe
who knows

depends on you guys

sincerely i needed something to relax me a bit while we wait for the departure date for Ac. like i said if you guys show me taht you like this one i will make some of Massak and Lukwos too and bring some prints to sell at Ac.

the ball is in your court hehe

Karmakat belongs and drawing done by Karmakat Silverwind

Thursday, May 24, 2012