Monday, December 27, 2010

Locker room

so the story behind this drawing hehe
well as i said before Lukwos, Karmakat best friend, is a model for advertisement, fashion shows and such.
he was supposed to do this advertising picture for a gym, about their anniversary. but the guy didn't show up and they couldn't move the shooting for lack of time.

happens that Karmakat was around because he came with Lukwos, for compagny and curiosity lol.
as most of you know Karmakat rarely wears shirt, so when the guys from the advertising compagny and the owner of the gym saw him they did all they could to convince him to agree to shoot with Lukwos.
at first Karmakat wasn't exactly "hot" about doing it since his temper.
took quite a bit of convincing from Lukwos to make him say yes.
at the end he finally agreed to do it for Lukwos hehehe

and here is one of the result )
i hope yall gonna enjoy it
Karmakat Lukwos, belong and were made by karmakat


so yeah, what to say....what to say....
well been a while i didnt drew my wolf character Lukwos.

Lukwos being a model had a quiet happy life until he met Karmakat. Starting to know him and liked him. they became really great friends.
but being around Karmakat isnt allways the safest place to be even if Karmakat would give his life to save people he cares for.

so after a few time Lukwos decided he had to stop being a weight on Karmakat's back.
so Lukwos trained in martial arts and the use of swords and knifes. he also became an excellent marksman, able to defend himself in most situation or at least not be in to much trouble while karmakat is busy fighting on his side too.

so here is Lukwos holding his special gun as he is exploring an old warehouse. in search for his runnaway target hehe
i hope yall gonna enjoy it.
Lukwos and art belongs to Karmakat


here is my new work i finally been able to finish
its alexodia snowcat warrior.

he wanted his character in a kind of pin up training with his falcatas (the blades he is using).
i came out with this idea that i thought was pretty interesting

i just hope he ll like it and that i didn't forgo any detail on his character )
snowcat warrior belongs to alexodia (on FA)

commission and art done and belongs to Karmakat

let me know what u guys think of it )

Sweet walking

yep yep a new one
am getting slowly back up to speed in drawings hehe
so here the new one i decided to do.

for my sweet angel zura_rozier
she is the sweet angel of my days and dreams. she been so supportive with me when i was at the clinic, coming every day to visit me, keep me compagny through tests and bring me food (clinic food is freaking disgusting lol)

she been by my side all those years, helping me so much with her kindness and her big heart.
i love and care for her so much its even hard to describe it in a few word without getting corny or bothering u guys lol
so to sum up she a great woman and one of the dearest in my heart

i love you zura )

so well here goes
on a side note am very happy of this drawing , especially karma's head lol

zura rozier belongs to zura Rozier
karmakat and art belongs to Karmakat


so yeah finally here is my new submission . yep i know about time after 6 months of not doing any.

worst was the damn bad luck ihad with this one. first my photoshop crashes on me, then i get trouble with colors , then my hand started the "shaky shaky" dance (sigh) and last its FA submissions that hates me and refuse to work.
had to work with my honey computer to make it go...

so yeah anyway here it is.

at first when i drew Rikugo i made him green then i went all "MEEP i did the hulk or bucky o'hare" i was like NO WAY lol so now he is blue heheh.

so yeah i know i completely messed up the head , couldnt do the angle i wanted. but am pretty happy with his body so i post it

yall let me know what u think

bye bye )

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

open bottle

so yeah finished it a few days ago but forgot to post it
drawing for wolf12345
seems he liked it and am glad , i think it came out pretty well too )

character belongs to wolf 12345
art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Friday, June 25, 2010

Glacier and wolf12345 (wip)

so yeah. been pretty sick and hurting lately i couldnt really spend time on posting. but here is finally the one of glacier finish. the otherone is part of a trade. its wolf12345 characterthat i should color pretty soon )
see yall soon i hope now

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glacier poster (wip)

so yeah after too month here is my first wip
i really gotta kick my ass to be in the mood to draw atm (

i was reading the book "SAVE THE DAY" by D.J.Fahl and i really liking it so far
nearly at the end allready boohooo sniffles
i really liked the husky super hero inside
seems they do pictures for advertising their super group at times so here is what i imagined
i think that would sell well lol

character belong to dj fahl
art done by karmakat

coloring soon

Monday, April 5, 2010

come closer + enjoying the sun

so yah with everything happening lately i forgot to post my last two drawings on my blog lol
i hope everyone ll like them

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Da boz

here is my drawing for da boz done
i really hope he likes it because i think he is a very cool guy to know )
and i wish him and his mate the best ) (ence the sign in the back)

good year of the tiger too i guess lol

da boz belongs to Da Boz
art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

(i guess i made him very shy when he paused for me lol)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Da boz (wip)

here is a drawing for da boz
why ? because i think he is cool , nice, sweet and does awesome art

seems he been a bit shy to pose for me though lol

i just hope he ll like it
colors to come soon

Friday, February 19, 2010


here is my fan art of gemini done hehehe

i really liked the comic so i would advise to go read it to understand more )

gemini and Zodiac belongs to Eggplantman
art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gemini (wip)

today i discovered the comic Zodiac by eggplantman

and i gotta say i really really liked it . drawings is good , each characters got a real temper and background. story soundspretty well starting off too i would advise to go read it 

and i really liked the most the "psycho" Gemini in temper , story, acting all
plus he is a martial artist hehe
so hell i really wanted to give it a shot to draw him
thanks to eggplantman to accept i did

gemini and zodiac belongs to Eggplantman
artwork wip belongs to me
soon for colors

Monday, February 15, 2010


here i finally colored it
lets hope awash ll like it lol

art done andbelongs to karmakat Silverwind

Saturday, February 13, 2010


well here is the pics suggested by my tigon friend on my poll
cam taking a relaxing  bath in the sun lol

i just hope wolfblade will like it )
character belongs to wolfblade
art belongs to karmakat silverwind

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cam wip)

 just a little drawing for wolfblade

was asking on msn "except urs and mine and ure boyfiend character who do u think is a ho steamy character" and my tigon friend suggested cam

so there he is taking a relaxing time between some scenes lol

i hope wolfblade will like it
soon for colors

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


yep there  it is
now  i better go hide in case i get hit by someone lol

lol more seriously i hope he ll like it

bryon belongs to racthetmecanic
art done and belongs to karmakat silverwind

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bryon (wip)

so yeah
this is most probably as far as i ll ever go lol
not sure i will ever dare more lol

but this one seemed so fitting for bryon when i saw racthetmecanic draw him lately lol

i just hope he ll like it
soon for colors

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Harpist (wip)

this was a request from awash2002
seemed to be an interesting idea so i tryed to work on it

really NOT easy to work on an harps and hands moving on it ....

anyway i hope he ll like it.
i gonna try to color it soon

african warrior

really liked this training so decided to make something finished out of it
i think its came out not too badly

just gonna need to keep training for ef hehe

art and character belongs to karmakat Silverwind

Friday, February 5, 2010

african warrior (wip)

just the wip of a training for the eurofurence 16 contest

kindda funny. my dad is african and i never really drew an african yet

ll have loads of details to add to it to make it come "real"

anyway as allways soon for colors

Monday, February 1, 2010


yeah this is how i feel
nothing showing outside, like if i was dead and no reaction. but with a hole screaming and bleeding inside. shatterning through my body...

why ? because if its not enough with all that happens lately now there is new stuff adding to it...

big word that dont seem to mean anything to most people now.
to me it means a lot. i ll be thre to help by any means at any time of the day....

but seems to some am just a damn social service .
i might as well ask some to leave the money near the bed when they leave since its how they consider me...
i try to help my friends , support them and cheer them up when they in need

result ? i get thrown away like an old relic the moment am asking a bit of support
and even better , even if i supported them during their full emo whining, i get even accused to break their dreams with my constant complaints. or in other cases i just get throw away and cut contact becausethey just not in the mood or not caring....

yeah gotta love "friendsip"at times
some dont understand friendship isnt backstabing but being there,,,,

right now i feel broken , shattered, angry , and kindda dead inside...
why ? because i was even more silly to think very highly of those amtalking and consider them very important to me...
story of my life

anyway sorry for the rant . i ll be feeling better very soon i promise.
if they act like that then they werent the friends i thought they were thats all.
i allways took care of myself anyway.


Looking at me
You´de never know I´m fragile
Looking at me
You wouldn´t guess that I might be, yeah
Afraid to crash afraid to burn as freely

As the last time I let go
All the shadows and suspicions that may appear to you as ice
Are not me being cold just thinking twice

I can build a big blue wall
No way in and no way out
But leave it up to you to prove me wrong
I´m afraid that I could crumble
Once the stones begin to move
It happens when you been too blue too long

There´s a breeze
That´s flickering the candles
And I can breath
A little deeper for a change, yeah
There´s a chance outside this isolation
I´ll be free to be held again
But if I am reluctant and if I begin to cry
It´s because I´m unaccustomed to the light

I can build a big blue wall
No way in and no way out
But leave it up to you to prove me wrong
I´m afraid that I could crumble
Once the stones begin to move
It happens when you been too blue too long

You can stand in the street light
But live in the corners and no one knows
You´re not there
You can smile for the camera
And make impression
And no one knows
You don´t care

I can build a big blue wall
No way in and no way out
But leave it up to you to prove me wrong
I´m afraid that I could crumble

Once the stones begin to move
It happens when you been too blue too long

song belong to Agnes album "dance love pop"
art and karmakat belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


here is my fireman finished
this piece had nothing special at first i think  . butdamn it came out awesome at the end )

i decided to use a french uniform for him hehe.

but question
why did u walk on him as he was changing ??????????
dont u see your embarrassing him ?

art and character belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fireman (wip)

been doing a vote on some of my friends today about what to draw
fireman got the priority.
since most of the time in usa movie they show a dalmatian to be their mascot i decided to make a firedog hehehe
and u just caught him as he was changing lol
soon for colors )

Sunday, January 24, 2010

out of the pool

here is my gift to Rob.
i hope he likes it . thats to  thanks him for all his work )

Rob belongs to Bluewolfr
art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Out of the pool (wip)

a little gift in progress for rob
(blue wolfr) to thanks him for all his drawings , his support while in the clinic and such
and because i wanted too lol
hope he ll like it once done

soon to color

Friday, January 22, 2010

Backside Kick

yep finallyfinished the "summersault" kind lol

it didnt turned out to badly i think
position washorrible to do lol

characters and art belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Summersault (wip)

lol yeah another fight one i wanted to do
karmakat doing a kind of summersault.
came to me because in the last drawing strype made for me everyone said i was doing a HADOKEN lol
so i did the Summersault this time lol.

not easy angle but i like the out coming
cant wait to color it lol

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Picture of the past

several events lately , several reasons made me "dwell in the past" tonight.

this is actually based from a picture that is allways in my wallet and never leaves it.
a picture i ll neve want to get ride off. picrure of when i was having what i though was real happyness.

i was only 22 back then. was still naive i guess lol.
been trying new interpretation of slydark and sebiori my real life friends.

i allways wonder how they would see themselfs as furry.
especially slydark.....

characters @ their owners
art belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lions sparring Partners

am really really happy on how it came out )
was so freaking cool even if it took me most of the night to do )

this is a training sparring between Galen and Karmakat hehehe
and i think it turned out awesome
i hope he ll like it

Galen belongs to Da2p
Karmakat and art belongs  to Karmakat Silverwind

Lions sparring partners (wip)


finally finished this one
well at least the lineart

was sooooooooooo good to do finally some fight drawings lol, been so long.
plus with GALEN lol (squeals) hehehe

i think it turned out awesome so far
cant wait to color it )

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Talbain towel

yeah finally done coloring my fanart of john talbain from darkstalkers
damn such a big fan of that wolf i was as a kid
he was AWESOME to me hehehe
one of my first idols hehehe

john Talbain belongs to sony , playstation  , capcom (if am right)
art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Toni Serinn

yep yep
second drawing of today
and finally finished my half of the trade with my sis

i hope she ll like it

toni belongs to Toni Serinn
art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

SO ??

yeah finally finished my coloring for aaron's ram

am catching up my lost time lol

i hope he ll like it
aaron belongs t Aaron
art done and belongs to karmakat Silverwind

Friday, January 8, 2010


well finally done m half of the trade with inmomakuro

i hope he ll like it still
kamaitaichi belongs to inmomakuro
art done and belongs to karmakat silverwind

Thursday, January 7, 2010


so before everyone goes on "its tracing " well its not
i did use however the two most used pictures of bayonetta that they use to advertised and made a remake of my own in my own style.

i really like the game but i couldnt get a bloody idea that would do justice to her.
then i saw my naruto books on how he remakes in his own style the drawing of a fan . so i thought yeah that could be fun to remodel her advertising in my own little way lol
and yeah it was fun for once to relax and just draw lol
plus she is an AWESOME character

here for those that dont know her


so art was remade by Karmakat Silverwind

Bayonetta belongs to SEGA

Monday, January 4, 2010

Yeaah + looking out the windows

yeah yeah i was a bit late in updating here lately.
actually the red hair kat is based on me rl , i had some red streaks done on me this vacation for new year lol . it came out good and made me want to draw it lol
looking out the window is finally colored now hehe.
restarting my regular work today so here i start coloring all the ones that were waiting now hehehe

kat and lukwos belongs to karmakat silvering