Thursday, June 4, 2009


well yep for once i been pretty fast on coloring that one hehe anyway

IKIMASU !!! (in case someone wonder what the title means AM COMING !!!)

yep i know its pretty different than my usual style coloring wisebut i wanted to go a bit crazy on effects for that one )

plus well i like it that way hehehe been a few since i didnt do kat doing some magic and martial art hehe

and lately its been even more rare since im working on the eurofurence contest , art show and all lol for this one i wanted to make myself happy loool i think it came out pretty good none the less hehe so here is what i say to life "AM COMING !!!!" hehehehe

i still hope yall gonna like it ) hehe

art and karmakat are property of karmakat

Ikimasu !!! (wip)

lately i been pretty busy on what i been working on and what on all the contest and drawing for the eurofurence

i cant post those atm since the contest ends on the 5 of july but i still wanted to show yall am still alive heheh

life is a fight , i keep on fighting and am not gonna give it up and u know what ? IKIMASU hehehe

am coming heheh

i think with some magic effect it ll turn out great i hope yall gonna like it )

tc , colors soon