Thursday, September 29, 2011


A sweet moment between Massak and Karmakat. Both of them enjoying a playful swim together. divind deep in the middle of the fishes and playing around. not taking their eyes from one another.
I think they having a pretty good time
I did a few things quite defferently in this drawing. first of all i feel like my drawing style changed a bit again, second i never did Karmakat's mane that long and sincerely i am LOVING IT, It gives him an even more majestic look if you ask me.
I even tryed to work on some fluff effect on Massak's tail. not sure if i managed it well.
But in any case i am happy with my results and i LOVE this drawing yeah i admit it.
So far this is one of my favorites and i don't hide it. i think i really managed to get the feeling going between those two in this drawing. And that makes me very happy hehe.

Well of course i will be happy to know what you guys think about it and well i am STILL open for commissions.

Massak and Karmakat and art belong and done by/to Karmakat Silverwind

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

swiming wip

here is the new lineart wip of the new drawing i am working on lately
been hard to get free time and concentration for it but am pretty happy with the results
i think it came out pretty good so far personally
i just have to hope i won't ruin it with colors now lol
soon to come )