Friday, May 22, 2009

surfing felines (wip)

so this one is my half of the trade with "fastspeedy"
i dont know if am gonna have to ink it or if he ll do the rest because this ll be more like a collab than a trade since he is gonna do the colors on it
guess we ll see lol
i hope he enjoys it hehe

Sunday, May 17, 2009

hmmm ... ?

middle of the day .... u felt so tired that u just floped on the first thing looking comfortable .... whatever u still wearing u just decide to take a quick catnap and feel better.... until someone walks in and finds u like that.
u open an eye slowly without moving , looking back and the only sound u can do is a "hmmmm ?" of interrogation to see what the matter
yep i know am crazy but thats the idea that came to me when i did this drawing lol
long time i didnt drew my kyoseikat character too hehe
i decided to work on the lights effect on this one because with the outfit i gave him i couldnt help but remenber those old black and white movies where they added some light effects on the tooths or a blurry light around the hero or the princess to add to they mistery and sexyness hehe
so there , i personally like how it came out , i hope yall gonna like it too hehe
kyoseikat and art belongs to karmakat silverwind