Saturday, January 31, 2009

Touch me

am so glad about this one. was quite some work but i think karmakat in my new drawing way ROCKS heheheh
ok enough about flowers to self lol
i had the idea for this drawing listening to the song "touch me" by dj TIESTO
(love that song)
the title is based on the song as the situation its not an invite btw rofl
i really hope yall like it )
karmakat and art belongs to Karmakat

Friday, January 30, 2009

touch me (wip)

i guess i been pretty inspired today and i love the look of that one, hehehe
i so had to do a drawing of karmakat in my new body style lol
and i had the idea for that one with the song "touch me" remixed by DJ TIESTO (one of my favorite)
it came out pretty good and teasing i think loool i like it so far
i cant wait to have time to color it now hehehe
hope yall gonna like it too
hehe and no the title is not an invite lol

Giganaut trade (wip or not lol)

so finally done my half of the trade for Giganaut
been pretty busy and overwhelmed lately so i have a lot to catch up to do
but i promise i ll get there lol
anyway this is tim and karmakat showing off together as we decided to do in the trade. second only with my new style but am pretty proud hehe
even made a few changes on karmakat lol
anyway i dont know if its a wip or not since we ll see if we decide to both color them or not . will see later then loool
tim belongs to Giganaut
karmakat belongs to Karmakat

Monday, January 26, 2009

Jaxa's kiriban

so here is finally one of the kiribans i promised
yeah am running late of all lately (trades ,commissions , personal work , requests, birthdays...) and am sorry
but am doing my best to catch up
on the other side not only im happy i made this one finally but am also pretty proud. this one is the first "final" that i made with my new way on bodys
so the training wasnt useless at all i think because i think it turned out great
guess am slowly getting better 8P
i need to keep working on that one hehe
so anyway i hope yall like it as much as i do hehe
Jaxa belongs to Jaxa
art done and belongs to Karmakat