Saturday, December 27, 2008

"what u looking at" leomon's contest (colored)

finally been able to finish that contest entry AND my net was working so decided to post it right away.

and here is what happens when i "brush up" my Masanori Morita's style looool

am pretty happy about how it came out for a first time of doing this style with photoshop.
follow this link to know more about the contest

let me know what u think of it and stay tuned to know the results looool

art by karmakat

What u looking at ? (wip)

oh damn finally lol
yeah lately i got tons of problem with my phone provider which means no net.
and since its hollyday time its even longer to get it repaired
gotta love france
well anyway here is my entry to leomon32 contest on deviant art.
here is all the informations if u want about it
basically its about a high school bully loool
and its been a long time i didnt brush up this drawing style for me but i thought it was adapted to give the right faces lol
well anyway now i got only 5 days left to color it loooool
hope i ll have time and get my internet back soon
see yall asap )

Friday, December 26, 2008

On the SPOT...

and am finally done with the drawing about madagascar hehehe
i named it "on the spot" after the name of the song of alex inside madagascar (on the spot is his themed song)
the part where he dances impressed me so much i had to do something on it lol
plus well yeah i like to draw dancing lol even if its not easy hehehe.
i had lots of fun doing it )
even had fun with the background for once lol.
alex really is a great character to draw and so fun in the cartoon ).
alex from the movie madagascar belongs to Dreamworks
karmakat and the art belongs to me

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

secret santa : muffin queen

and since i had the green light for it here is my part for miss Rizzi Rau heheheh
hope she likes it )
the secret santa was hosted by arctic sekai if u wanna learn more about it
merry xmas to yall once again )

Merry Xmas and "on the spot" wip

first of all
i hope everyone gets , or had, a great time and that everyone enjoys it )
now with the rest
i saw madagascar 2 the other day and i just had to draw alex , i love that character hehe. so here is what is starting to come out with.
yeah i need to work the proportions on it but it ll come dont worry )
if u didnt saw the movie u should think about it. i enjoyed it more than the first lol.
and for info i should be very soon , when allowed , posting the drawing of the secret santa of artic sekai
so stay tuned )