Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red Lantern - Luther

yep i know i should be getting stuff ready for Ef but sincerely this was too good to pass

this is my submission for the contest of "Red Lantern fan art" that Rukis started for the first book that came out and the start of the second.

i don't know if i got a chance to get a good spot in result of this work but i gotta say i really bursted my brain on that one. i decided to go with something elaborate with three different visions of Luther
i like Amon too don't misunderstand me... but i do feel a lot closer to Luther in a way.

in any case at this point i just can pray and hope lol

Luther, Red Lantern belong both to Rukis, Alectorfencer and now Myenia

Art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

contest is here