Friday, January 6, 2012


this is a drawing for my lil bro :iconTheWolfguy:
he keeps writting stories with me in it and i thought it was about due time that i made something to thank him

he is a great writter i personally think and i enjoy his stories a lot
just don't be surprised on full moons hehehe

i just hope you like it lil bro

Wuffy belongs to TheWolfguy
art done and belongs to Karmakat Silverwind

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bruce and Brent

okay those are two characters of mine that got a role in my story that i am writting. i needed something to relax today and i decided to give a face to those characters

Bruce, the otter, and Brent , the cougar, are basically brothers. they both aren't real brothers by blood but they both grew up in an orphanage and decided to stay together when they left. since for them, blood or not, they were real family.
Bruce is the owner of a leather shop, and that is how he met Karmakat. while Brent i still going through classes and helping at the shop when he can.

Bruce is the oldest of them both and, even if a lot smaller, he takes care of Brent the best he can.
he also gives often advices to Karmakat about the life in a big city when Lukwos is too busy.

as Brent explained to karmakat one day:
“Little…brother??? Am sorry but I fail the see the family traits between you both.” They both give me a chuckle at my statement. “Well most probably because we aren’t real brothers by ‘blood’. This is Brent. He is younger than me and well I been taking care of him since we were in foster’s homes together. We been going through quite a lot and we stayed together as brother since we are the only family we have.”

related by blood isn't always the most important after all no?

Bruce and Brent belong to Karmakat Silverwind