Monday, December 27, 2010

Sweet walking

yep yep a new one
am getting slowly back up to speed in drawings hehe
so here the new one i decided to do.

for my sweet angel zura_rozier
she is the sweet angel of my days and dreams. she been so supportive with me when i was at the clinic, coming every day to visit me, keep me compagny through tests and bring me food (clinic food is freaking disgusting lol)

she been by my side all those years, helping me so much with her kindness and her big heart.
i love and care for her so much its even hard to describe it in a few word without getting corny or bothering u guys lol
so to sum up she a great woman and one of the dearest in my heart

i love you zura )

so well here goes
on a side note am very happy of this drawing , especially karma's head lol

zura rozier belongs to zura Rozier
karmakat and art belongs to Karmakat

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