Monday, December 27, 2010

Locker room

so the story behind this drawing hehe
well as i said before Lukwos, Karmakat best friend, is a model for advertisement, fashion shows and such.
he was supposed to do this advertising picture for a gym, about their anniversary. but the guy didn't show up and they couldn't move the shooting for lack of time.

happens that Karmakat was around because he came with Lukwos, for compagny and curiosity lol.
as most of you know Karmakat rarely wears shirt, so when the guys from the advertising compagny and the owner of the gym saw him they did all they could to convince him to agree to shoot with Lukwos.
at first Karmakat wasn't exactly "hot" about doing it since his temper.
took quite a bit of convincing from Lukwos to make him say yes.
at the end he finally agreed to do it for Lukwos hehehe

and here is one of the result )
i hope yall gonna enjoy it
Karmakat Lukwos, belong and were made by karmakat

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