Monday, December 27, 2010


so yeah, what to say....what to say....
well been a while i didnt drew my wolf character Lukwos.

Lukwos being a model had a quiet happy life until he met Karmakat. Starting to know him and liked him. they became really great friends.
but being around Karmakat isnt allways the safest place to be even if Karmakat would give his life to save people he cares for.

so after a few time Lukwos decided he had to stop being a weight on Karmakat's back.
so Lukwos trained in martial arts and the use of swords and knifes. he also became an excellent marksman, able to defend himself in most situation or at least not be in to much trouble while karmakat is busy fighting on his side too.

so here is Lukwos holding his special gun as he is exploring an old warehouse. in search for his runnaway target hehe
i hope yall gonna enjoy it.
Lukwos and art belongs to Karmakat

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