Monday, December 27, 2010


so yeah finally here is my new submission . yep i know about time after 6 months of not doing any.

worst was the damn bad luck ihad with this one. first my photoshop crashes on me, then i get trouble with colors , then my hand started the "shaky shaky" dance (sigh) and last its FA submissions that hates me and refuse to work.
had to work with my honey computer to make it go...

so yeah anyway here it is.

at first when i drew Rikugo i made him green then i went all "MEEP i did the hulk or bucky o'hare" i was like NO WAY lol so now he is blue heheh.

so yeah i know i completely messed up the head , couldnt do the angle i wanted. but am pretty happy with his body so i post it

yall let me know what u think

bye bye )

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