Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Xmas 09

oh my

this took me the whole day to color and work on. i been on it since this morning....

but well i like the result

am sorry i couldnt take the time to draw eveyone and thanks everyone for their "participation" on this xmas card lol

just a little way to wish all my friends and everyone a merry xmas and happy new year

first time i draw karmakat like that too , i like a lot how it turned out lol

so who do we have on it

from top left to right: raghan , duo, mydnyte , galen, wolfmaster, leomon, fwuffer, zura, iowa , dohrac, oros, aestir, toni sernin, alphachimaera , beau gillian, bluewolfr , zanvarin,lexafar, saturnawolf, fastspeedy, timduru , CJ , redallover, redwolffr, enath, yuri futaba , jake

pfiouuuuf damn list lol not easy to make them all fit )


all character to their owners

karmakat and art belongs to Karmakat Silverind

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