Monday, January 19, 2009

redhrut and kat (wip)

ok i know there been a while since i posted some stuff

but well most of the stuff i worked on lately are secrets until its time to post them loool

and well on this one i admit am late lol. its a gift for wolfmaster birthday and am allready late for it so am posting the raw for now to show him i didnt forget lol

i wanted to thank him as well for his cool drawings he made of karmakat hehehe

he is a great guy , so dont hesitate to look at his work too

so here goes redhrut and kat at the beach enjoying the day hehe.

1 comment:

Johann said...

Le couple est trop mignon tous les deux! On sens beaucoup de complicités entre les deux personnages. Il me tarde de voir le dessin en couleur!
Bon anniversaire à Wolfmaster! Ce dessin va beaucoup lui plaire. :)