Friday, December 5, 2008

karmakat character sheet

so as my very first entry for my blog i thought it was logic to post my character sheet. page 1: on this one u can see a front view of karmakat and a description of his tatoo on his arm and legs (for the one on his chest check page 2 due to page room lol)
page 2: this is simply a back view of karmakat body to show the positioning of the tatoos he got on him since lots of people asked me lol u can see the design on the side and the only tatoo that is actually front and not back is the dual blade crossed that normally goes on his heart but i didnt had the room on page one to see it lol
page 3: this page got a close up on his face and the items karmakat carry with him most frequentlythe reinforced gloves are made in a very hard material nearly cristal clear that he can use for his close combat stylethe earring and the tail wrist being the only regular jewelry he cares about even if the tail wrist can be a kind of "armor" for his tail at times.the necklace was given to him by his master as a proof of his training that he followed and to help keep his beat within him.and the cuffs are just a usefull items for parry and that goes well with his likings heheh the belt sign is to show his grade in his learnings and to what point he took his training
page 4: u got the eyes style in this one (regular and beast mode wich is angry mode)and u got the first drawing of seiichiru Seiichiru is karmakat's dragon "pet"u cant really say its a pet because he is a bit different . when he sleep he is a bracer around karmakat's arm and when he wakes up he flys around in dragon form but above all seiichiru is what u can call a "smart weapon" because on karmakat request he can become his weapons. he is known as the "dragon fists" (more to come soon about it) .

i ll most probably post more of my old work soon but not all of them just my favorites lol
if u want to see them all remenber am on and on
so don't hesitate to comment , contact me or just check up often )

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