Friday, December 23, 2011

Seiichiru Character sheet

been a while i created this little guy. i actually thinked about him in my very first character sheet of Karmakat, so that gives an idea of how long it's been. just back then he didn't even had his own character sheet, just an appearance in karmakat's character sheet.
and well until now i didn't had it to make a better one just for him.
but now that i started my own story, and since he got an important role in it, i thought he really deserved his own character sheet.
i would bet that most people don't really know him but well there he is hehe.
he got several appearances inside the story i am writting.

and even if he doesn't talk he is a very reliable partner in fights.
as his names means, Seiichiru is a "star of hope" in the darkness. hehe

so well yeah am not the best in drawing those but i think it came out not to badly.

Seiichiru and art done and belong to Karmakat Silverwind

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